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In Japanese theology, Mazda represents light or brightness--an aesthetic characteristic that has been successfully integrated into the brand name with its origination nearly 100 years ago. Currently, Mazda has produced over 1.2-million vehicles, and we guarantee your utmost satisfaction here at Jake Sweeney Mazda Tri-County with each Mazda that rolls off of our sales lot.

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Mazda CX-3

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Performance & Functionality

In 2015, The Consumer Reports Car Brand Report Cards ranked Mazda as the second best car brand out of a roster of about 30 vehicles of different makes and manufacturers, including but not limited to Ford, Jeep, Dodge, and Lexus. The organization ranks automakers around the world utilizing a score system that relies on factors such as a vehicle's reliability, road test performance, and other performance related factors.

Mazda's are exceptionally durable vehicles, and have been since the very origination of the automotive manufacturer with its first autorickshaw vehicle. Since then, Mazda has managed to join and thrive among the leading manufacturers in the automotive industry, and are responsible for the production of sedans, hatchbacks, and more.

Not sold on the performance and functionality of Mazda vehicles yet? That's okay. Mazda was ranked by the EPA as the fuel efficient automotive manufacturer in the United States, and Mazda's 2015 fleet offers the highest adjusted MPG currently available.

Exterior & Interior Aesthetics

What is the first thing that you notice about any vehicle? It's appearance. The engineers and designers over at Mazda truly dedicate themselves in making sure that every new model or concept is brought to life with an image of brightness, cleanliness, and sleekness. The exterior aesthetic of any Mazda vehicle is also ergonomic by definition, and sleekly contoured in a purposeful way in order to enhance aerodynamics and efficiency. Rounded exterior bodies are sharply defined by curves centralized at the vehicle's A-line that ripple toward the lustrous beltlines in smooth and unique patterns. The sporty Mazda fascia is a signature trait of the overall Mazda aesthetic as well, and is looking better and better with each new model that hits the dealerships.

Safety & Affordability

In terms of reputation, no vehicle can fervently compete with Mazda. Mazda is the annual recipient of the IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus Award, and has been for many consecutive years now. Car and Driver has named Mazda under their annual '10 Best' list for four consecutive years. U.S. News & World Report states that Mazda is the "2017 Best Car Brand". Needless to say that the Mazda reputation is as spotless as it is bright.

Combine Mazda's spotless reputation with their excellent safety and overall affordability, and you have yourself a knockout car. New Mazda's feature a wide array of innovative and up-to-date safety technologies that have earned the model its award as a 2017 IIHS Top Safety Pick. Most new models are affordable by universal standards, and at Jake Sweeney Mazda Tri-County dealership we are proud to offer select service specials and deals on new and used cars you simply can't pass up.

Come test drive a Mazda today. Become part of the hype with as little as a phone call or a visit to our dealership.