2017 Mazda6 vs 2017 Honda Accord
2017 Mazda6 2017 Honda Accord
  24/34 23/32
  Standard Available on other styles
  56.1 in. 54.7 in.

2017 Mazda6 vs 2017 Honda Accord

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For as long as the mid-size sedan has existed, it has been the king of the road. Every car manufacturer tasked themselves with carving a big slice of the largest car segment on the market. Over time, however, that caused things to get stale. The mid-size sedans all started to look alike, drive alike and offer the same features. The whole segment grew boring. Is it any surprise mid-size sedans are losing their market share to newer, more dynamic offerings?

Mazda is one company that has never been accused of doing things the traditional way. Mazda has always had a unique approach that placed an emphasis on doing things the right way, as opposed to the conventional way. In the Mazda 6, the results are obvious: well appointed, uniquely styled and exhilarating to drive. There's a reason it's been a perennial Editors Choice from Car and Driver. A quick comparison between the Mazda 6 and Honda Accord will demonstrate why Mazda is a smarter premium.


Even at the basest of base models, the Mazda 6 is equipped with modern tech you would expect from a premium car; not the tech you would demand, mind you, but the tech you hope for. An intuitive and integrated tech system offers you the chance to make calls, choose music and find your next destination without taking your hands off the wheel. You can stay connected to the world without losing concentration on the road. Additional driver safety technology provide drivers safety and security in case their mind does momentarily wander. Mazda offers all of the cutting edge infotainment and safety features you could find in an Accord but at a better price.


Doesn't it seem like all of the mid-size sedans just blend together? While the Accords of the world sink into an ocean of sameness, the Mazda 6 stands out for its clever contours and flowing lines. The exterior of the car bears out the aerodynamic expertise Mazda has achieved through hallmark victories in a variety motorsports. The interior of the car is crafted with an attention to detail one would expect from far more expensive European rivals. While the Accord offers more of the same, the Mazda 6 stands out from the crowd.


The real genius of the Mazda brand is their fanatical devotion to the sensations of speed. The 2.5L Skyactiv engine offers brilliantly immediate performance and better gas mileage than its Honda rival. Skyactiv technology has been implemented into the Mazda 6's driving mechanisms, as well, with G-vectoring control producing smooth and stable cornering experience that will bring a smile to your face and an urge to find a few winding mountain roads to explore. The Accord's standard engine offers similar performance numbers (Honda's 185hp to Mazda's 184; 181lbs of torque compared to Mazda's 185lbs of torque) but lesser gas mileage; the Accord offers 23/32, as opposed to the Mazda 6's 24/34. The Honda Accord does offer a V6 engine which has good performance benchmarks, but at drastically reduced fuel efficiency. In either case, the Accord's handling does not have the poised grace and style that the Mazda 6 offers standard, even when optionally sport tuned for thousands of extra dollars.

To briefly recap, the Mazda 6 offers powerful infotainment options, an independent style that stands out from the crowd and driving dynamics that make car reviewers swoon, all for similar or less money than the Accord. If you want to discover the smarter premium with the drivers choice of sedan, stop by your local Mazda dealership to test drive the Mazda 6. We're confident you'll feel the difference.

* Up to an EPA-estimated 26 city/35 highway MPG for 2017 Mazda6 models with automatic transmission. Manual transmission models, 24 city/34 highway MPG. Actual results will vary.