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Mazda Air Conditioning Service Offers in Cincinnati, OH

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Windshield fogging up in the winter? Use your air conditioning to remove the fog. Not only does your A/C cool your vehicle, but it also removes the humidity from your car

Mazda A/C Basics
Jake Sweeney Mazda Tri-County A/C Service
Cool Your Mazda Down

Mazda A/C Basics
Over time your vehicle's supply of refrigerant will run low. Refrigerant is the stuff that makes the air nice and cool when hit that A/C button and crank up the dial.

Jake Sweeney Mazda Tri-County A/C Service

We know how your A/C works and the best way to get it up and running, especially when summer rolls around. Your air conditioning could need a number of maintenance fixes, however, the most common issue with A/C is quite simple. Just bring your car over to Jake Sweeney Mazda Tri-County and we can recharge your A/C with refrigerant. Refrigerant is a specially formulated mixture that's sole purpose for transforming hot air into cold air. It does this by absorbing and releasing heat, ultimately leaving cool air behind.

Cool Your Mazda Down

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Does your vehicle needing a tune-up? New tires? Other maintenance? Our experienced and trained service technicians will make sure your vehicle is repaired to manufacturer's specifications and get you back on the road as soon as possible. If you own a Mazda or another make, we have the technology, equipment and techs to ensure your vehicle is repaired right the first time, at a competitive price. Check out our money-saving coupons, too!

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